Our commitment to our customers begins and ends with reliability and safety.

PCS, Inc. considers the personal safety and health of each employee our number one priority. The commitment to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses starts with top management and involves all employees. All PCS personnel are expected to maintain safe and healthful workplaces and to comply with established safety rules, regulations, policies and the company’s commitment to safety as a value. All field workers are required to achieve 10-hour OSHA Outreach certification and Supervisors must be OSHA 30-hour trained.

We believe that safety is an integral part of the construction process, on an equal basis with communication and quality. Our Safety Department consists of a Corporate Safety Manager and other assisting staff that are responsible for visiting our job sites on a regular basis. The Safety Department has developed and implemented policies and procedures designed to increase the safety awareness of everyone associated with our construction projects. Ongoing training and certifications provide understanding, accountability, and a tool to protect each and every worker. We believe that all accidents are preventable and that through proper planning and training, employee engagement and empowerment, and constant vigilance, we can ensure that everyone leaves the jobsite in the same condition that they arrived in.


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