Ft. Belvoir bldg. 208 & 219 Environmental Remediation

Project Info
  • Construction Date: March 2016
  • Location: Fort Belvoir, VA
  • Values: 321K
  • Category: Federal
Project Details

PCS was contracted by Facility Support Services, LLC to complete asbestos and lead abatement, interior demolition and saw cutting services in buildings 208 and 219 on the Ft. Belvoir campus. Abatement crews removed and disposed of asbestos floor tile, mastic and all flaking lead–based paint from walls and windows throughout building 208. All workers were in proper PPE while performing abatement of asbestos and lead-based paint.
Our selective demo crews gut the interior of both buildings, removing flooring, ceiling, drywall, plumbing & light fixtures, doors, frames, windows, and mechanical ductwork. Our specialized saw cutting crews also removed concrete slabs in preparation for a new elevator in building 208.

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