DDG Architects Concrete Floor Prep

Project Info
  • Construction Date: May 2015
  • Location: DDG Architects, Baltimore, MD
  • Category: Commercial
Project Details

PCS, Inc. completed a unique job in the office space for DDG Architects out of Baltimore. PCS, Inc. was contracted by Therrien Waddell to prep and finish existing concrete floors throughout the office. PCS, Inc. removed approximately 23,000 SF of carpet glue from existing construction. Our flooring crews applied flash patch throughout the work area to fill many existing divots and cracks. Once carpet glue was removed and flash patch installed, approximately 15,000 SF of flooring was scheduled for an exposed concrete finish. Our flooring crews grinded the existing concrete floors using a series of metal bond diamonds to achieve a smooth and clean concrete surface. After the concrete was grinded, a clear concrete sealer was applied.

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