Arlington National Cemetery – USS Maine Memorial Restoration

Project Info
  • Construction Date: Completed August 2017
  • Location: Arlington, Virginia
  • Category: Federal
Project Details

PCS, Inc. was contracted by Anderson Burton to provide exterior lead-based paint and asbestos abatement services to the historic 102-year-old USS Maine Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. The memorial’s exterior paint had been damaged by decades of sun, rain and inclement weather.

Abatement crews removed and disposed of asbestos-containing caulk in the gutters and removed all lead-based paint located on the exterior of the main mast, shroud hardware and crow’s nest of the memorial. To do this, a chemical paint stripping process was facilitated. After 24 hours, crews removed multiple layers of lead-based paint down the first layer. The work also involved rinsing and cleaning the exterior of the structure with a HEPA vacuum and scraping/wiping away loose paint chips to remove any remaining stripper residue. PCS was honored to be a part of the restoration of this historic memorial.

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