Interior & Exterior Demolition

PCS, Inc. has successfully completed over 10,000 selective demolition projects within federal, commercial, institutional, industrial and health care facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Whether the renovation project requires a total interior gut or precise cutting and removal of concrete slabs in a sensitive area, we have the experience and resources to get it done safely, on time and within budget.

Interior Demolition

As the leading specialized contractor in the mid-Atlantic region, we take pride in our ability to perform interior demolition projects in a safe, efficient and economical manner. Our demolition teams are sensitive to and proficient in performing tasks that require strict controls with regard to containment, excessive noise, dust control and vibration. It is not uncommon for our teams to perform interior dismantling and demolition work in conjunction with environmental remediation services such as asbestos abatement, lead-based paint abatement, mold remediation and flood and fire emergency response.

Exterior Demolition

It is often necessary to selectively demolish portions or the whole of the exterior of a structure. We are capable of skinning or dismantling exterior components such as brick façade, doors, windows, ornamental cornices and structural columns while keeping the skeletal structure of the building intact and secure.

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