Mold Remediation

Mold Inspection, Testing & Removal

Proper training, experience and certifications for remediation protocols are necessary to return mold-contaminated facilities back to a healthy state. Mold is caused by an attendant moisture or water problem so it is imperative that the source of the water is repaired prior to any remediation work taking place at the site of infestation.

Over a decade of experience has allowed us to understand firsthand the additional property damage, health risks and increased costs incurred when mold is not abated according to the proper standards of care.  All work remediation work in accordance with the standards and guidelines as outlined by the US EPA and IICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation.

Be sure to visit our Flood & Fire Emergency Response page to learn more about our ability to dry out and restore buildings and facilities that have been damaged by flood or fire.

PCS, Inc. is an active member of The Clean Trust (formerly IICRC).  To learn more, please click on the logo below:


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