Corporate History


David Leach founded and incorporated Power Component Systems, Inc. (PCS) in May of 1980. The company initially began as an insulation consulting firm but slowly transitioned to become a remediation contractor as the hazards of asbestos came to the forefront in the mid-to-late 80’s. In 1987, David brought Alex Schmidt into the corporation as an experienced construction and remediation Executive/Partner to develop the capabilities of PCS and to serve a targeted marketplace.

After several years in the remediation business, PCS recognized the need to expand and diversify its portfolio of environmental construction services. Our project management teams quickly became proficient at increasing labor forces and began to pioneer and develop the expertise for more specialized services such as lead abatement, mold remediation, PCB ballast removal, light tube disposal, interior demolition, saw cutting, core drilling, shot blasting, concrete grinding, concrete polishing and mechanical pipe insulation. By 2007, all of these services were being provided on a routine basis to contractors and clients in federal, industrial, institutional, commercial and health care facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  In order to accommodate growth and expansion in more recent years, our PA Division relocated to a 36,000 SF facility in Camp Hill, PA. Our MD Corporate Division continues to operate out of its original location in Hanover, MD that has expanded to over 26,000 SF since 1988. Larger offices and warehouse facilities enable us to carry out projects in DC, DE, MD, PA, VA & WV in a more effective manner and allow for more growth in the future.

The present day-to-day activities at PCS are managed by second-generation family executives and other key personnel who have remained an essential part of the business for several decades. Owners David Leach and Alex Schmidt are still involved in many aspects of the corporation on a daily basis.

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