Abrasive Blasting

Efficient Blasting Method

While working with the Torbo® system on projects in recent years, we have found that this technology is much less likely to damage sensitive substrates as we have complete control over the impact that the media has on the surface at hand. The amount of blast media that is utilized by the system is significantly less than most other conventional methods of blasting. With a dust reduction rate of nearly 95%, it is not uncommon to perform this blasting work without a containment, dust collectors or negative-air pressure on site.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Utilizing Torbo® Wet Abrasive Blasting Systems, our surface preparation teams in MD and PA are now able to blast and clean virtually any type of surface with a combination of blast media and water. The Torbo® system is adjustable at will, which gives us the versatility to go from heavy blasting to gentle cleaning as the surface dictates. This state-of-the-art blasting system allows us to handle industrial maintenance applications such as:

  • Cleaning/removing layers of concrete
  • Removal of paint by layers
  • Total coating removal to a specified degree of cleanliness
  • Removal of oxidized layers from steel

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